Working with Forklift Trucks Certification

About this course

Working with Forklift Trucks Certification

Many industries depend on forklift trucks as they are extremely useful tools in moving heavy materials. Forklift trucks (also known as forklifts) are essential to various lines of business. For those who begin working as a forklift truck operator, they can go on to become worksite managers, supervisors and trainers. However, as good and as necessary as forklift trucks are, they are large and dangerous pieces of equipment and must be handled properly and safely. If used without authorisation, they can result in fatalities. Not only do business owners and employers need to obtain foklift truck licences, but site employees also need to be certified to handle such vehicles. Therefore, it is essential for employers to develop and implement training programmes tailored to the job itself. Workers should also look to obtain the proper form of basic training beforehand. This way employers can gauge the safety knowledge that a prospective employee has and can train accordingly.

To learn how to safely work with forklift trucks, one should receive a rounded education. This should include learning about commonly used forklift trucks, how to obtain the necessary training and what can happen if a forklift truck is handled without experience. In this course:

What you will learn

You Will Learn

  • The importance of knowing how to safely operate a forklift truck
  • About forklift truck training programmes
  • About commonly used forklift trucks
  • The dangers of operating a forklift truck without authorisation
  • About refresher courses and additional training programmes

Benefits of this course

Benefits Of Taking this Course

  • Employers and site personnel will learn about the responsibilities of safely operating a forklift truck and the hazards associated with poor handling
  • Learn about safety standards and guidelines and worksite employees will learn how to find the right accredited programme
  • Familiarisation of six commonly used forklift trucks, what they are used for and what environments that can be driven in
  • Employers and workers will learn how to avoid dangerous situations with examples of dangerous operation
  • Staff and employers will learn why refresher courses are mandatory and how they can help in meeting safety guidelines


Benefits Obtained :